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Material selection, purchase and installation of zinc alloy door handles
May 11, 2018

What type of zinc alloy is used in casting the door handle is basically to think about the following aspects: First, it should be noted that the choice must be made according to the function of the door handle itself. This includes mechanical functions that resist the strength of the pressure on the tensile force, and refers to the maximum bearing capacity when the material is cracked; the so-called elongation is the measure of the material brittleness and the measurement of the plasticity; the hardness is the physical shape of the hard object. Press resistance, in other words, the plastic deformation of the friction.


When selecting zinc alloy door handles, it is necessary to consider the working conditions, the temperature and humidity in the working environment, and the intermediate material and airtightness standards for door handle contact; the reliability and accuracy that can be achieved with this accuracy requirement. Sex; After that, we must pay attention to the technical performance of the fine, about this casting technology process, there is the production of mechanical processing production process; later refers to the shape of the processing technology.


The cost considerations of zinc alloy door handles also need to be considered, and the materials themselves and the requirements for the production equipment are fully considered, combining the profit from the door handles.


With regard to the installation of zinc alloy door handles, this time it is necessary to pay attention to the new door locking device of the stainless steel handle, through the door next to this hole, the components of the latch bolt curve of the security door, and the outside of the certain guiding door. . The latch is used to quickly stabilize the nails attached to the door stainless steel handle kit.


Then we entered the outer door handle where the door of the door protruded from the outside. A cylinder with two sleeves and an internal latch hole is generally suitable for now. Use your door handle vigorously until the cover abuts the door. After that, it should be noted that it should be ordered along the curved side of the door frame around the curved side of the door frame, the impact plate, the screws attached to the kit can be reliably stabilized. Regarding the installation of zinc alloy door handles, all the above steps will be closely connected. It is not possible to take a wrong step and professionals are required to install them.

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