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Main performance characteristics of the transmission
Aug 20, 2018

The transmission is an important part of the hardware. Generally, the main components of the aluminum alloy door and window include the transmission, the handle, the hinge and the lock point. By operating the handle of the sash, the corresponding movement of the metal transmission is driven, so that the sash can be opened to the indoor or tilted indoors to open a certain angle to achieve the purpose of ventilation and ventilation.


Thanks to the well-structured design of the transmission, the opening and closing of the doors and windows becomes simple and convenient, creating a comfortable living environment for us. The product has strong practicability, avoids occupying indoor space when the inner opening window is opened, and is inconvenient to hang curtains and install the lifting clothes rail. Moreover, it is also convenient to clean the window, and the simple operation of the linkage handle allows the sash to be turned outside. It makes the outer surface of the cleaning window convenient and safe.


In addition to this, it has certain safety. The transmission and related accessories arranged around the window sash make the operation more convenient and safe, and the window sash is fixed on the window frame when closed, so the safety and anti-theft performance are excellent.

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