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Knowledge of window handle with lock
Dec 16, 2017

Aluminum alloy deluxe window handle lock with key ,First of all, its material is aluminium alloy, aluminium alloy deluxe window handle lock with key will use a plastic spraying or plating surface treatment, in the actual installation time will be around, so it is the size of the detailed is the need to buyers directly and factory or contact is related to the suppliers.

Moreover, the current supply of the luxury window handle lock with key is divided into aluminum alloy doors and Windows fittings and window fittings two categories.So, type configuration window or door accessories will include casement Windows accessories, door accessories, push-pull window fittings, sliding door fittings, then it has suspended pour inside parts with the open window accessories, but also include the curtain wall itself skylight accessories as well as the high window accessories and intelligent electric mingardi and other products.   

In the next, when the window handle with lock is replaced or repaired, the first step is to pay attention to go and check first , whether the window handle is loosen, or can not move.

When the window handle with lock is replaced and repaired, the back cover of the handle will be opened and will be seen to be used for fixed cross screws.Note that the screw must be removed and then removed and installed other parts according to the operation procedure.

Finally, while we removing  the window handle with lock,be careful don't can use brute force, if the handle of the trunk broken inside the hole, the whole window was ended, and, when using the window handle with lock , the handle can not push and switch the door very hard, because the trunk is a square, so it loses every time when you rotate it.We need to pay attention to this.

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