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It is important to choose the metal pulley for the sliding door
Dec 04, 2017

The metal pulley will give sliding capacity to the sliding door, which is the driving force to support the normal operation of the sliding door. Now, the pulley materials used in the market are plastic pulley, monometal pulley and glass fiber pulley.

Unlike the monometal pulley, the plastic pulley is hard, but it is easier to break, and when it is used a long time, it will be hard to slide. The strength of the monometal pulley is relatively large, but it will produce the noise when it comes into contact with the track.

Unlike the monometal pulley, the glass fiber toughness and wear resistance is better, which is smooth to slide and durable. However, in the actual application, it is relatively fragile, after a period of time, it is easier to have defects.

The monometal pulley currently used is quiet and smooth. However, more brands will allege the hardware is imported with original packaging. However,the sliding door uses real hardware imported with original packaging, will have customs declaration and certificate of origin in the store. And there will be a special parts display area, special attention should be paid when shopping.

In the purchase of the monometal pulley, when it is used as a bottom wheel, even if the sliding itself is relatively smooth, careful observation will find the bottom wheel wipe oil. This monometal pulley is not only easy to contaminate the dust, but also to clog after the grease is dried. The purchase details of these the monometal pulleys must be noted.

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