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Introduction to the maintenance method of the upper hanging window wind bracing
Oct 31, 2018

I believe that some friends have already discovered that in our office buildings, the installation of transparent glass is different from the installation method in our own home. Yes, for the sake of beauty, the glazing of the office building uses the upper hanging window wind bracing to support the glass as a whole. The advantage of this is that it is more beautiful.


Then, during daily use, it needs to be well maintained to prolong the service life. So how do you maintain the wind bracing of the hanging window? First of all, it is important to note that when installing the upper suspension window, it is necessary to ensure that the surface should be shiny, smooth and flat, check for open weld breaks at the time of purchase, gaps between the sash and the frame, and whether the seal is curled, notched and pungent. odor.


In real life, the upper hanging window achieves the purpose of opening or closing by changing the direction of the switch handle. At the same time, we also need to maintain the wind bracing to avoid damage. When you use it normally, the action should be light, gently push and pull, let it go, don't pull hard. For long-term use, add a little oil to increase lubrication.

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