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Introduction of the roller
Nov 27, 2017

There are many kinds of rollers, the one we are talking about now is the door window roller which belongs to the building materials.

The door and window rollers produced in our factory can be divided into many kinds with different materials:

1. On the wheel, there are the following: nylon wheel, iron wheel, wheel of bearing, wheel of imported bearing, nylon bearing wheel.

2. On the outer frame of the wheel, there are several kinds of: zinc alloy base, steel frame base, stainless steel 304 base, stainless steel 430 base, aluminum base, PA66 base

3. There are several kinds of products on the surface: chromium plating, blue and white zinc, zinc plating, nickel plating, oxidation etc

Each specification has their own advantage , let’s talk about the advantage from material below:

1.he biggest advantage of the steel roller is the price

2.Stainless steel roller: no rust

3. The advantage of zinc alloy is that it is easy to assemble and stable

4. The advantage of nylon wheel is the smaller noise

5. Advantages of bearing is the significant bearing

So customers can choose according to their own needs.

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