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Introduction of the role and use of wind bracing
Oct 10, 2018

The wind bracing is also called the two-bar linkage. The device is usually used for hanging windows, which can connect two original independent objects to fix, stabilize or limit the position. In practical applications, the wind bracing can fix the position of the sash opening angle to protect it from the wind, so as to avoid violent impact with the window frame.


The main function of the wind bracing is that the window can be opened to the required angle according to the situation, and is not affected by the wind, preventing the window fan from swinging freely due to the wind pressure. At present, there are mainly two types: one type of casement window, which is also called four-bar linkage in the industry, which plays the role of bearing and limit; the other is used for hanging window to play the role of bearing. In the tie-arch bridge, the wind bracing is used to connect the main arches on both sides to maintain the integrity and stability of the main arch.


Usually when installing the wind bracing, it should be operated by professional construction personnel. In comparison, the use of the card wind bracing method to locate the position of the hanging window is convenient to use. The wind support price is related to different brands and specifications, and the specific is generally determined according to the actual situation of the consumer.

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