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How to use the inner opening inner window handle
Jan 13, 2019

Nowadays, the inner window is very popular among consumers. The use of such a sash has many advantages. We can operate the inner opening inner window handle to drive the corresponding movement of the hardware actuator, so that the sash can be opened to the indoor or tilted indoors to open a certain angle of ventilation. That is to say, this is a linkage hardware mechanism that can rotate the inner opening inner window handle to drive the inside of the window, so that the window is locked (the handle is vertically downward), the swing is open (the handle is horizontal), and the inside is inverted. (The handle is vertically up) the window at different positions.


So how do you use it? When in the closed state, the inner opening inner window handle is held by the hand, and the window is pressed slightly outward to make the misoperation preventing component open. After pressing the window, turn the handle counterclockwise to make the handle horizontal. If you pull the window indoors, the window will be in the flat state. When the window handle is in the horizontal state, continue to press, and then rotate counterclockwise to the inner opening. The inverted window handle is in a vertical state, and the window is pulled indoors to be in the inner

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