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How to properly install the door and window pulleys
Jan 11, 2019

Door and window pulleys bring convenience to our lives. On the one hand, it improves the space utilization rate, and at the same time makes the use of doors and windows more convenient. If you want to make the doors and windows work smoothly, the correct installation of the door and window pulleys is a prerequisite. Of course, the installation is also a technical activity, let's take a look at it below.


When installing the door and window pulleys, the first problem to be considered is to reserve the hole first, and not to install the wall or install the wall. When installing the door and window frame, the side of the vertical line should be squared. After the length of the two diagonal lines is equal, the frame is temporarily fixed after the surface is vertical. After the vertical, left and right, and up and down positions of the vertical surface are in compliance with the requirements, the plate is plated. The zinc anchor plate is embedded in the structure. The fixing of the door and window frame can be carried out by means of welding, expansion bolt connection or nailing, but the brick wall is strictly prohibited by nail fixing.


Next, it is necessary to carry out a review of the leveling and verticality. After the confirmation is completed, the surrounding area is cleaned up, and then the process of caulking and plastering is reached. For the wider window frame, only a part of the ash is squeezed in and out of the inside and outside, and it is not enough to fill it. Special caulking should be carried out. No matter what kind of material is used for caulking, it should be dense and waterproof. This will ensure that the door and window pulleys are properly

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