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How to install the handle lock
Sep 28, 2018

In the current market, the handle lock is very popular, so you know what issues to pay attention to when installing? Usually when installing, you need to prepare the appropriate tools and determine the direction of opening the door. The general door has 4 opening directions, which are left outer, left inner, right inner and right outer. Confirm the direction of the door before installation to avoid reverse conditions.


When installing the handle lock, it is also necessary to adjust the oblique tongue according to the direction of the door opening. At present, some products have the function of left and right reversing. You can change the direction of the oblique tongue first, and then adjust the inner and outer wrench sets to change direction. Note that after placing the lock body in the hole that has been dug, ensure that the panel is flush with the door and install two self-tapping screws.


Be careful not to overtighten when installing screws, it should be moderate. And corresponding to the position of the lock body, the board and the gusset are installed. After installing the screw and the sleeve on the outer handle plate, then aligning the outer core sleeve with the handle panel and aligning the handle panel in the square core sleeve. After the hole is dug, paint first, then install the lock to avoid affecting the appearance.

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