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How to correctly select and use stainless steel hinge
Feb 26, 2018

In addition to PVC door try to choose flat stainless steel hinge. Household wooden doors in general there are two types of stainless steel hinge, one is what we call flat stainless steel hinge, the other is the stainless steel hinge hinge. For wooden doors, flat stainless steel hinges more force; and if you want to use a ball bearing (shaft in the middle of the summary), because it can reduce the friction between the two stainless steel hinge to open the door to open more smoothly, not There will be "creak" sounding phenomenon.


The use of stainless steel hinge on the wooden door, then, because of its relatively speaking is not particularly strong, the purpose of the design is to be used for light doors, including PVC door, is to reduce the groove on the door (stainless steel Page) process.


Stainless steel hinges for the choice of screws, it must be stainless steel. The actual choice of stainless steel hinge material, we actually found it is stainless steel, copper, stainless iron, iron and other materials, stainless steel household recommendations, and then that is, long-term use of the door can be maintained. Iron material is not recommended for use, although cheaper, but the quality varies greatly, if rusty is very troublesome, looking for people to dress stainless steel hinge is not only expensive, but also cause the design of unreasonable.


Of course, when we use stainless steel hinge, pay attention to the stainless steel hinge with the screws must be matched stainless steel screws, you can not just use other screws instead. And because of the maturity of electroplating technology, stainless steel also has a variety of color appearance, with different styles of wooden doors. This time to pay attention to care or drawing appearance, it will be more environmentally friendly.


Stainless steel hinge good or bad distinction, the first point, if it is good stainless steel hinges will be equipped with damping oil, if the horizontal expansion of a stainless steel hinge, stainless steel hinge is neither fixed, nor that at once Down, but slowly slide down, so that when we close the door, it is not strenuous, and will not suddenly hit the door on the door, to ensure the quality and life of the door.

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