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How to choose the pulley?
Dec 01, 2017

The door and window pulley we are talking about is a pulley used on the aluminum-plastic doors and windows. The function is to save labour. So how do we choose the right pulley?

First choose the material. Now the track material sold on the market is different, the rails are mostly alloy texture, and some rails are made of copper. The slide rails of the alloy are divided into common type and thickening type, depending on the texture of the applicable door or window. If the size of the door or window is small and light, the smaller orbit can be chosen. If the weight of the door or window is heavy, the thickened track can be chosen to ensure safety and durability.

Secondly choose the matching pulley. Pulley is an accessory which can not be ignored in the sliding door and window. A good quality pulley can promote the push-and-pull use of doors and windows. The quality of the pulley is determined by the quality of the outer wheel and bearing.

The felly is mostly nylon fiber or pure copper, and the copper pulleys are strong, but there is a sound when pulling. The nylon fiber texture of the pulley has bi sound, but is not abrasion resistant as copper pulley.

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