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How to choose a crescent lock
Sep 30, 2018

Crescent locks are a common door and window hardware accessory in the daily life of our lives. As a daily necessities, people have a lot of considerations for the installation of the crescent lock. Everyone knows that the quality of the door lock is directly related to the safety of the property in our home. It is also necessary to choose the door and window lock with guaranteed quality.


At present, there are many door locks on the market that are very popular, especially the crescent lock is more popular among the public. This type of door lock has a variety of styles and a wide variety. Under normal circumstances, the quality of the crescent lock is heavy when it is in the hand. From the appearance, it is smoother and has no pitting.


In addition, we can also analyze and compare the actual application effect. The high-quality crescent lock is flexible and free in the process of rotation, and there is no sound, and the elasticity is better. When turned to the back, the good door and window crescent lock is mostly spring structure. . The center material is galvanized and is not easy to rust; it is relatively thick when viewed from the thickness of the material.

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