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Hinge type, characteristics and corresponding model requirements
Mar 12, 2018

The first is the spring hinge, and the main one will be used on cabinet doors and wardrobe doors. When installing, the thickness of the board should be 18 to 20mm. From the material spring hinge will also be divided into: galvanized iron, zinc alloy. Divided in performance, can be divided into the need to open and do not open two.


Do not open the hole is our common bridge hinge. The advantage of bridge hinges is that there is no need to drill holes in the wardrobe door panels, and there is no limitation on the style. There will be three types of small, medium and large models on the specifications. Famous brands include “Hettich poetry”. Need to open the hole, is the most common at present, used in cabinets, wardrobe hinge door. Its characteristic is that the door must be punched, the style of the door is limited by the hinge, the door will not be blown by the wind after closing, and no need to install anti-collision device.


Among them, it will be divided into detachable oriented hinges and non-detachable hinges. The detachable directional hinges are convenient for installation and are flexible to disassemble. Doors can be positioned at any angle to open or close, and the service life is longer.


About the hinge hinge door hinge, divided into ordinary type and bearing type, bearing type from above the material is divided into copper, stainless steel. Divided from the specifications: 100 * 75,125 * 75,150 * 90,100 * 100,125 * 100,150 * 100, which will include a thickness of 2.5mm, 3mm bearings have two bearings, four bearings and so on. Other hinges include table hinges, hinges, and glass hinges. This glass hinge is generally used on frameless glass cabinet doors. The required glass thickness should not exceed 5~6mm. The style has holes and has all the properties of spring hinges.


The above is about the common specifications, materials, types and corresponding functions of the hinge. After the consumers understand the knowledge of the hinges, they can specifically target the closet door, the cabinet door, and the hinge of the partition door. After choosing this knowledge, you will be able to facilitate the decoration and application of everyday home life.

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