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Hinge material, surface treatment, installation points
Jul 13, 2018

When the hinge is used, it is mainly used to connect two solids and allow the rotation between the two. The hinge is made of movable components or is made of foldable material. The hinge is mainly installed. In the doors and windows, its products are more installed in the cabinet.

The hinges are mainly divided into stainless hinges and iron hinges according to their material classification. In order to make people enjoy better enjoyment, hydraulic hinges appear. The main feature of the hinges is that they have a certain buffer. , to minimize noise.

Hinge material

Zinc alloy, iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum

Hinge surface treatment

Sanding, brushed steel, brushed, brushed gold, brushed copper, sterling silver, red bronze, green bronze, electroplated, gold, yellow bronze

Hinge installation points

1. The hinge should be valid for checking the hinge and the door and window frame and whether the fan matches before installing.

2. The hinge should check whether the hinge, the door and window frame, and the fan match before installing.

3. Check if the hinge slot and hinge height, width and thickness match.

4. It should be checked whether the hinges and the screws and fasteners connected to them are matched.

5. If the two sheets of the hinge are asymmetrical, it should be effectively distinguished which board should be connected to the fan, which one should be connected to the door and window frame, and the side connected to the three sections of the shaft should be the same as the frame. Fixed, the side connected to the two sections of the shaft should be fixed to the door and window.

6. When the hinge is installed, the shaft of the hinge on the same fan should be on the same vertical line to prevent the door sash from bounce.

The hinges in the hardware occupy a very important position. To a certain extent, the quality of the product is directly related to the use of the door and the furniture. The hinges are divided into two types according to the type of the base: the detachable type and the fixed type. Types are divided into two types: slide-in and card-type. The built-in (Big Bend, Daqu) door panels are all hidden inside. The styles of the hinge development stage are divided into: a length of hinge, two-stage force hinge, hydraulic buffer hinge.

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