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Hinge features and materials
Oct 23, 2018

A hardware hinge is a relatively small part that connects two objects and allows the two objects to move in a certain part. It has the advantages of no rust, no corrosion and long service life. Most of the commonly used hinges are designed with a two-fold structure.


In general, when making hinges, the materials available include iron, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. With the development of the times, the aluminum alloy material has gradually replaced the hinges of other materials with its own superior performance. For example, iron products are not easily deformed but are easily rusted by external factors, resulting in a shorter service life; while copper has higher performance but is not cheap. Therefore, aluminum alloy hinges are widely used.


From the appearance point of view, the aluminum alloy hinge presents a two-folded shape, which is the active hinge between the two objects. It has low density, high strength and good moldability. It will not corrode and rust during long-term use. Wear and corrosion resistance. And the aluminum alloy hinges look bright and have a smooth surface that won't look awkward on the decoration and the price is reasonable.

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