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Hidden window handle quality discrimination
Feb 08, 2018

To hide the quality of the window handle judgment, the first point to speak, we actually want to take a look at the hidden window handle material, the current market, the hidden window handle material is actually including copper, ceramic or Is zinc alloy and stainless steel and its aluminum alloy. And the owner speaking, that is, based on the style of their own cabinets to choose a suitable handle.

And to judge the quality of the hidden window handle, first of all, on the texture of the copper handle is relatively hard, then, on its style is also more retro, with full European classical flavor, suitable for European Style cabinet. Shortly thereafter, the concealed window handle for the stainless steel, which is treated by the process, is inherently corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant, and is modern.

Specifically, to judge the quality of the hidden window handle, a good handle is fine in workmanship. Next, if it is not flawed in itself, the texture is better. Feel it will seem more comfortable, the owner is able to choose through electroplating or electrostatic painting handle.

In addition, the hidden window handle actually has better abrasion and corrosion resistance. In addition, we actually pay attention to look at the pull of the door handle. General door wrench in terms of speaking, that is, we must pay attention to be able to withstand more than 6 kg of tension can be.

Finally, we actually have to pay attention to the hidden surface of the window handle after a series of painting, in summary, it itself will show a good gloss beautiful features, followed by, Hidden window handle quality in the actual use of the time, that is not prone to fade or rust phenomenon, in summary, on the surface of its relatively bright, with beautiful fashion features.

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