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Heavy duty sliding doors and aluminum sliding door pulley advantages
Feb 23, 2018

Heavy duty sliding door material is a high-quality hardware accessories, operating handle design will look very humane, and convenient and flexible, beautiful and comfortable, with a strong and durable features. Heavy-duty sliding doors are used on the rail sliding groove design, not only the sealing performance is relatively strong, and has the performance of waterproof and soundproof, open more flexible, for the living room there are balcony and other occasions are very applicable.


Aluminum sliding door pulley features:


Light weight, high strength. Because aluminum alloy materials are mostly hollow core thin section combined section, the weight is lighter, the density is only 1/3 of the steel, convenient for us to use at the same time, in terms of its cross-section, that is, will have a comparison High bending strength. This material made of aluminum alloy sliding doors with durable, small deformation, made of aluminum alloy sliding door pulley also has the same characteristics.


Good sealing performance. Aluminum alloy itself is easy to squeeze, the cross-sectional shape of the profile is more accurate, high precision machining. The seal groove, which has been completed along with the cross-section during the extrusion process, creates a more favorable condition for the installation of the seal material and the fit of the installation will be very high, so that the entire seal The effect is that it will be very good.


In other words, the processing is called aluminum alloy sliding door pulley, fit more accurately, the specific use of the time, no noise or other friction phenomenon, to ensure its service life. And on the aluminum sliding door pulley shape is very beautiful.


Because the aluminum surface after treatment, there will be golden, silver and other different colors, the choice of relatively large space, smooth and shiny oxidation, used in aluminum alloy sliding door pulley, not only good decorative effect, the specific use of When the corrosion resistance is also relatively strong, aluminum oxide layer does not appear faded, does not appear off, do not need paint, to facilitate our maintenance, maintenance costs are low.

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