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Hardware handle maintenance knowledge and production requirements
Jul 18, 2018

Metal handles belong to traditional hardware products to a certain extent, mainly refers to metals, such as steel, aluminum and iron, which are effectively fabricated by physical processing such as forging, cutting and calendering.

The hardware handle is mainly made of 100% alloying elements in the process of making. The material is very sufficient. It is solid casting and corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant to a certain extent. It is durable to a certain extent, in the process of designing. Mainly with its simple design, beautiful and delicate, and it is very environmentally friendly with polishing and polishing process.

The representative color of the metal handle can be divided into gold-plated, chrome-plated, chrome-plated and so on. The metal handle is progressively improved with the process to a certain extent, and its oxidized color will be bright, sand-blasted, and champagne colored. , matt, etc., plus electrophoresis, spraying and other processes. Let the color of the metal handle more diverse.

Hardware handle maintenance knowledge

1. When cleaning the surface, the hardware handle needs to be wiped with a soft dry cloth. When the surface is sweaty or dusty, use a dry cloth with a talcum powder and wipe the surface with force to brighten the surface.

2. Never use acid-base (corrosive) cleaner to clean the handle, which will easily corrode the metal surface and cause oxidative rust and reduce the service life of the handle.

3. The last point to note is the cleaning time. It is best to clean the surface of the metal handle every week, which not only ensures the cleanliness of the metal handle, but also reduces the bacterial growth and spread caused by our contact.


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