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Handle’s development and application
Aug 22, 2018

The handle is a device that is attached to the door and window sash and has a fastening function after opening and closing. The handles and handles are the handles for the components such as doors and windows, sashes and drawers that are commonly used in building decoration and furniture production. In recent years, this kind of product has developed rapidly. From the handles and handles of cast iron and iron plate production in the past to the current copper and stainless steel handles.


While closing the door and window, the handle door and related accessories can be firmly locked to the fixed frame to achieve the fixed relative position of the inner and outer frames. Most of the products are made of aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel, plexiglass, plastic and other materials. Different shapes, users can choose.


Different handles will not only consider the decorative appearance of the appearance, but also meet the requirements of comfortable feel and reasonable force. This achieves the decorative effect of the embellishment, but also has practicality. Therefore, the material and shape of the product will usually be selected according to the architectural design requirements or designed separately.

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