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Good quality door and window pulley has the characteristics
Mar 02, 2018

Before saying good quality door and window pulley, pay attention to the pulley itself is the most simple lever type machinery, good roller skating can not only reduce noise, but also extend the service life of doors and windows. Nowadays there are a great variety of pulleys appearing on the market. Many consumers do not know how to choose and judge the quality of the pulleys. On this issue, let's introduce it briefly.


Because the pulley is a sliding door which can not be ignored accessories, better quality pulley can promote the use of sliding doors and windows. The quality of the outer wheel and the bearing of the pulley determine the quality of the pulley. Therefore, most of the outer wheels of the pulley are made of nylon fibers or all-copper, and the copper pulley is relatively strong, but there is sound when pulling. Nylon fiber pulley pulsation without sound, but not as good as copper pulley wear. At this time must choose the matching pulley.


Generally speaking, the quality of the pulley bearings will be made of stainless steel, the bearings are installed more closely, when sliding soft, and no noise, and even some of the pulley can be adjusted according to the actual height, make up The distance between the door and the rail makes the door and rail more closely connected.


Small doors and windows at the bottom of the pulley work quality is very different, the well-crafted small pulleys will inevitably be pulled with the characteristics of lightweight and quick, some brands of pulleys also equipped with anti-skipping device, let us use When safer. This slide is also more alloy texture, there are also some slide made of copper, combined with the pulley, the use will be more convenient.


However, whether it be doors, window pulleys or rails, this time must pay attention to the door or window to be applied to determine the texture. If the door or window smaller size and weight lighter, this time should be used less compact track and pulley, if the weight of the door or window heavy, we must choose thicker track and pulley, so with the adaptation, then also It is safe and durable.

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