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Function and structural design of double-sided door handle
Oct 30, 2018

Door and window handles include different types, of which the double-sided door handle is made of zinc alloy die-casting, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the appearance is beautiful, which ensures the consistency of the door appearance as much as possible. In the production process, high-quality standard raw materials are used, and high-tech precision manufacturing technology is applied to ensure the high quality of the products.


In fact, the product belongs to the new door lock opening series derived from the new technology. In use, various opening functions are realized by changing the position of the handle of the handle, and the operation is convenient, simple and impact resistant. The lock body itself has an encryption function, which is difficult to copy and has high security performance. It is ergonomically designed to match the instinctual opening action of the human body, providing unprecedented ease of operation.


From the overall structural design analysis, the card position of the movable card in the double-sided door handle is the rotation angle of the handle control handle in the panel, and the return function is realized by the elastic piece. The length of the screw square shaft of the double-sided door handle is selected according to the thickness of the profile fan. The screw size is M5X (fan thickness + 20MM), the square shaft length, and the aluminum profile fan thickness is 25mm.

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