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Features of high quality crescent locks
Aug 18, 2018

The crescent lock belongs to a unique window lock and is also a hardware for opening and closing the sliding window. Because it looks like a crescent, it got this name. At present, the crescent lock has been widely used on plastic steel aluminum sliding windows.


The crescent lock function is diversified, and it not only has the function of opening and closing, but also plays a certain anti-theft function. The appearance of the product is usually painted, painted, sprayed, plated, etc. Most of them are white and aluminum. In the current market, the product is rich in style and complete in style, which is convenient for users to choose. Under normal circumstances, high-quality products have a heavy sense of weight in the hands, and the appearance is relatively smooth, no pitting.


Usually the high-quality crescent lock can rotate freely at 180 degrees or even a larger range, and it is more flexible, no sounding when rotating, and the elasticity is better. Turning to the back to observe, the quality products are mostly spring structures. The center material is galvanized and it is not easy to rust. And from the thickness of the material, it is relatively thick.

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