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espag rod installation and use
Oct 15, 2018

When installing, usually the door and window drive and the door and window are overlapped to achieve the purpose of sealing. The overlap between the fan and the frame is called the amount of overlap. Currently, the industry standard does not specify the amount of overlap. However, for casement windows, the amount of overlap is generally between 8 and 10 mm. If conditions permit, the amount of overlap should be as large as possible.


Because when it is installed and used, even if there is a slight misalignment in the overlapping positions of the frame fans, the sealing between the frame fans can still be ensured. The use of different hardware is also a factor affecting the amount of overlap. If the ordinary handle is used, the amount of frame fan overlap can be larger. If the drive handle is used, a certain gap is required between the frame fans to install the espag rod, so the amount of overlap is smaller.


The transmission is a vital part of the door and window. It is precisely because of this component that the opening and closing of the door and window is more and more diversified and more convenient. It should be noted that in order to prevent the espag rod mounted on the fan from colliding with the window frame and affecting the switch of the sash, it is necessary to specify a suitable amount of overlap.

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