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Door and window pulley installation steps to share
Oct 26, 2018

In modern life, the use of sliding doors and windows is more and more common, and in the process of sliding doors and windows, the door and window pulleys cannot be separated. So do you know how the sliding aluminum alloy door and window pulleys are installed? Next, let's share the main installation steps together, hoping to provide some reference.


The first is to prepare, that is, to prepare relevant materials and tools. The installation process of aluminum alloy doors and windows is: elastic line to find the distance → do anti-corrosion treatment → window frame in place → find the temporary fixed → frame and wall connection → plug around the gap → install window fixed glass → install window sash → install hardware accessories → Glue and wipe. When installing the sash, the top of the sash is inserted into the upper chute of the window frame door and window pulley, and the pulley is stuck on the track of the sliding groove. After being installed, the debugging is performed to ensure that the push-pull is flexible and compact.


Note that after the sash and door and window pulleys are installed, the cleaning work should be done to stain the cement slurry, glue traces, etc. on the frame, fan, glass and window sill, and wipe them clean with a cloth.

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