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Door and window accessories quality discrimination
Feb 27, 2018

No matter what kind of product, there will be true and false points, doors and windows accessories are no exception. As long as a product appears in the market, then the fake and shoddy products will certainly be followed quickly, and many of these fake and shoddy products are very harmful, and today we will talk about the identification of doors and windows accessories True or false way.


Door and window accessories in the quality of discrimination, first of all is to pay attention to look at the product profile name. Toxic windows and doors generally low prices lead salt stabilizer as the main raw material. Such raw materials lead, named PVC profiles. Non-toxic doors and windows are non-toxic pollution-free, in line with environmental requirements thiol organotin stabilizer, the name is VPVC profiles.


Door and window accessories in the quality of discrimination, then pay attention to look at the packaging logo. Look at the product packaging or label attached to the product name, implementation standards, factory name, site, quality level and so on. For example, it is to take a look at the basic content of the label is not complete, the text or the pattern color is not ghosting or deviation phenomenon. If the content of the packaging logo is not complete, text or logo overprinting ghosting or deviation, it is certainly small-scale production enterprises, it is best not to buy. Look at the quality certificate. After choosing a good door and window must be to the dealer to ask for product quality inspection certificate.


If the certificate or test report inspection report should be marked with lead components to prove the product material. Look at the color of the product can also determine the quality of doors and windows accessories.


Toxic door and window accessories color white, although the white, very clean sense, but after using for a period of time due to the atmospheric sulfur and sulfide pollution gradually gray-black. Our factory production of non-toxic door and window accessories, the color is very pure, like ivory, with a clean sense, when the actual sweet tea is crystal clear soft, long-term use of the color will not be black.

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