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Differentiate hinges and gemels makes it easier for us to buy and use
Jan 11, 2018

The hinge is fully functional as the gemel during the opening of the window. In view of this, in many cases, we also refer to the hinge as gemel (English name is the same :hinge).However, the use of a window with hinge can only rotate, but the window with gemel can be used to keep the rotation moving.

In more cases, hinges and gemels can replace each other, but in special cases we use the hinge such like when the window used in fall.It is difficult to meet the force requirement of the large flat open window with hinge, and multiple gemels need to be used to ensure the joint force.

The hinge is usually installed on doors and Windows.Hinges like the gemels according to the material consists of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and iron materials, just different material of the hinge and gemels with concrete's performance also is not the same, we need to pay special attention in the choose and buy .

Hinges normally used on the window below, because hinges don’t like not provide friction as gemels.So often hinges with another slide hold together, this can avoid the window broken when the wind blew the window and back damage it.

All above is what we speak about the difference between the hinge and gemel and introduction of them both.Finally to remind the broad masses of friends here, when we purchase hinges, it’s best to go shopping in malls or formal manufacturers to buy.In this way, we can buy the building materials with guaranteed quality.At the same time, if we buy a lot of products, we can contact our factory directly, so that we can get a lot of discount on the price.

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