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Cutting, Drilling and Assembly Processes in the Making of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows
Apr 21, 2018

Aluminum alloy doors and windows production in the production process is divided into four steps: 1, off material → 2, drilling → 3, assembly → 4, protection or packaging, today we are here to briefly talk about aluminum alloy doors and windows in the production of broken Materials, drilling and assembly processes.


Aluminum alloy doors and windows in the production of broken material process:


Broken material, also known as "cutting", is the first process of aluminum alloy door and window production, and it is also a key process. Broken material is mainly used cutting equipment, material length will be based on design requirements and reference to the door and window construction sample map to determine, require accurate cutting, or doors and windows Founder is difficult to guarantee, broken material size error value will be controlled at 2mm In the range.


In general, the cutting of sliding doors and windows will also use right angles to cut; open cuts and windows should be cut at an angle of 45°; other types should be selected according to the assembly method.


Drilling process in the manufacture of aluminum alloy doors and windows:


Aluminum alloy doors and windows of the frame fan assembly will generally use screws for connection, and whether it is the assembly of horizontal and vertical rod parts, or on the attachment of the parts, all need to drill holes in the corresponding location. Profile drilling, can use a small bench drill or electric drill, the former due to the work table, it can effectively ensure the accuracy of the drilling position; and the latter is very convenient in operation.


Before the drilling, the line should be positioned on the profile according to the assembly requirements. The position of the drill hole must be accurate and the hole diameter should be suitable. The drilling cannot be changed repeatedly on the surface of the profile. Once the hole is formed, it is difficult to repair it.


Aluminum alloy door and window manufacturing assembly process:


According to the requirements of the large construction drawings, the connecting parts are screwed together and assembled. Aluminum alloy doors and windows will be assembled on the 45 ° angle docking, right angle docking and vertical docking three. The connection of horizontal and vertical rods, under normal circumstances will use a dedicated connector or aluminum angle, and later will be fixed with screws, bolts or aluminum pull nails, and the rest is packaging protection.

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