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Crescent locks (window locks) are widely used in the aluminium alloy sliding windows.
Oct 30, 2017

Crescent locks (window locks) are widely used in the aluminium alloy sliding windows. The hardware for the opening and closing of the sliding window is the crescent lock. Because its shape is like a crescent moon, it is called crescent lock. The crescent lock not only plays the role of opening and closing, but also plays a role in guarding against theft to some extent. The appearance of crescent locks is generally spray paint, baking finish, flame plating, electroplating and so on. Most of them are white. The styles of crescent locks are various.

There is several important data of the crescent lock. One is the height, and one is the width ( the distance from the center line of the screw to the crescent ). Another is the distance from the center line of the screw to the edge of the base.

A good crescent lock brings the safety of doors and windows, but also a small decoration on the doors and windows.


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Crescent lock + door roller

Crescent lock :LH-CL03,LH-YY03 and LH-YY15

Door roller :LH-SR31 and LH-SR32


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