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Crescent lock production process
Jan 09, 2019

In modern life, a variety of plastic steel door and window fittings emerge in an endless stream. This new product is more practical and beautiful than traditional products, and it is more popular with people without special maintenance. Crescent lock is one of the commonly used new door and window accessories, which has been favored by many consumers in the market.


First of all, the crescent lock can be made of different materials. The more commonly used material is aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy materials are good conductors of heat, and the thermal conductivity is mostly high. In production, it is generally necessary to choose according to the actual situation according to the use environment of the door and window and the difference of the materials used.


When purchasing the crescent lock, we should pay attention to observe that the surface is flat, burr-free, the handcuff has a sense of weight, and the surface of the coating is uniform. As an old manufacturer with many years of production experience, we constantly improve the production process of the crescent lock, hoping to better adapt to the new requirements put forward by social development, and strive to send better products to the

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