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Crescent Lock Advantages and Notes
Jun 15, 2018

The crescent locks are widely used in plastic aluminum alloy sliding windows when used, and the hardware for closing and opening the sliding windows of the crescent locks is a crescent lock, mainly because the hardware is shaped like a crescent moon, so it is called Crescent lock

When the crescent lock is used, it can not only play the role of closing and opening, but also the product can effectively play its anti-theft function. The appearance of the product in the production process will generally have its spraying, plating, painting, paint and other effects , where the product will be mostly white and aluminum color.

The styles of the crescent locks are various and varied. When used, the crescent locks are placed on the hands to measure the weight of the crescent locks. The appearance of the crescent locks is relatively smooth, there is no pitting, and the crescent locks generally rotate when used. 180 degrees, some products can be rotated 360 degrees, high-quality crescent locks to rotate more flexible and comfortable, no sound of rotation, flexibility is better.

To some extent, the crescent moon lock is turned to the back of the crescent and the good crescent lock is mostly a spring structure. When it is used, its center material is galvanized, so it is not easy to rust when used. Observe from the thickness of the material. Relatively thick. The crescent locks have long handles, short handles, and oblique handles.

Several important data of Crescent Lock

The height of the crescent lock mainly refers to the distance from the base to the center of the crescent center, which is about 5 mm, and the width used is mainly the distance from the center line of the screw to the crescent. There is also a distance from the centerline of the screw to the edge of the base. A good crescent lock is a small embellishment on the doors and windows at the same time that it brings security to the windows and doors.

Crescent lock need to pay attention to what matters

1. The crescent lock should reduce the production cost from the point of view of design and craftsmanship, such as using a multi-module technology and automation technology to increase productivity, prolong the service life of the die, and adopt an integrated design to reduce the number of parts.

2. Use computer simulation technology to shorten the development cycle of the process plan.

3. Increase the recycling of aluminum. Recycled aluminum is the main raw material for aluminum casting. While developing the foundry industry in China, we should pay attention to the utilization of recycled aluminum resources, develop technologies for effective separation of aluminum from composite materials and dissimilar materials, and establish a wide range of waste recycling systems.

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