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Common form of handle
Jul 27, 2018

Handling can usually be divided into door handles and steel window special handles. The types, varieties and usage characteristics of different types of products vary. Most of the door handle products are made with the door lock, and there are two types of handles: the handle and the handle.


The special handles for steel windows are designed into different types depending on the structure of the window, such as ordinary type, linkage type and screen window type. In addition, from the structural design distinction, there are also different types, such as seven-word handle, fork handle, square shaft handle, double-sided door handle, linkage handle.


The fork handle product is designed with a symmetric distribution structure, the handle can be rotated within 180 degrees, and the fork can also be arbitrarily changed direction. This product is mainly made of die-casting aluminum alloy. Its base and fork are made of die-cast zinc alloy. The whole is fully capable of meeting the requirements of various windows of different specifications such as inner flat hanging and hanging window. The length of the fork is profiled. The section is determined.


From the current point of view, the linkage handle belongs to a new series of products. By changing the position of the handle of the handle, various opening functions can be realized, and the operation is convenient, simple and impact resistant.

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