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Common doors and windows in the metal parts of the application scenarios and buy
Feb 04, 2018

With the development of science and technology, the material of modern construction industry is changing with each passing day. For each new profile or window accessories used in building windows and doors, and the window has also developed very much. The more common is that it will include flat open windows, sliding windows, hanging windows, opening the inside down, one window, flat push window, different window to adapt to different occasions, the parts used will certainly be different.


Hinge: This should be more of what we see. Multi-use within the open window, as well as the old windows of the old house seen above are more. Now high-level outside the window will require the use of sliding support. Aluminum hinge with a relatively strong ability to undertake.


At the same time, the hinge in the disassembly time is more convenient, but also has the characteristics of opening and closing more flexible, we have the time of purchase, it is necessary to pay attention to observe the hinge surface is not there Scratches or burrs and other defects, opening and closing time is not smooth no abnormal sound.


Handle: also known as the handle, in addition to a handful of sliding window sliding door lock or crescent lock, almost all of the doors and windows which will be used handle. Handle installed in the doors and windows above, for opening and closing doors and windows, while more than a lock handle will be responsible for multi-point lock drive lock function. In the choice of hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the handle material or surface treatment process. A relatively hard on the quality of the handle, in the material more adequate and very thick, excellent surface treatment technology, feel good, flat and smooth coating.


Crescent lock: Will be known as the hook lock, used in the sliding window above. Is a relatively simple and economical sash solution. Crescent lock with around 360 degrees and can be rotated. Crescent lock in the purchase, we must pay attention to open when the flexibility, there is a sit-in structure stability. The same on the surface treatment must also be taken to maintain smooth and smooth.

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