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Combined with zinc alloy features
Feb 07, 2018

Zinc alloy flat handle is actually refers to the installation in the windows and doors or drawer is easy for us to switch the zinc alloy metal objects. And along with the social progress of people's aesthetic awareness continues to improve, and on the current zinc alloy flat handle style more numerous, including European-style antique style and modern zinc alloy flat handle, the next to say, that is, There are pastoral style flat open handle.


Then, in fact, we should also pay attention to the fact that the zinc alloy applied to the open handle of the zinc alloy is, to a very large extent, an alloy that is based on zinc and added to other elements. In this case, we actually just join the alloying elements that will include aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, titanium and a series of low-temperature zinc alloy.


And on the processing of zinc alloy flat open the handle of the zinc alloy because of its low melting point, the flow performance is better, easy welding, and easy brazing and plastic processing, in its atmosphere which will have corrosion resistance, residual waste That is, we will be more convenient for recycling and remelting; however, its creep strength will be lower, prone to cause changes in the size of the natural aging.


In addition, the production of such alloy zinc alloy flat open the handle is relatively large proportion of the weight, the next talk, we actually want to pay attention to its casting performance will be better, in addition to zinc alloy flat Open the handle, the shape of its die-casting is also more complex, on its thin-walled precision parts, casting surface is also very smooth.


Finally, in fact, we also need to pay attention to the zinc alloy flat handle in the surface treatment that will be very different, under normal circumstances it will be directly on the use of zinc plating, white plating or plating color zinc, Pearl plating chrome and its matt chrome, bright chrome plated with black and black, black paint, and many other different treatment, and its own wear resistance will be better.


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