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Classification and use of door locks
Sep 29, 2018

The door lock refers to the locks that are provided on the main gates of the buildings leading to the outside world. Due to the particularity of the position of the door lock, it is usually very strong. The more commonly used ones mainly include two types, including anti-theft door locks and glass door locks.


Classification of door locks:

At present, the types of door lock products on the market are extremely rich, satisfying the requirements of different users, including door locks, villa door locks, security door locks, decorative door locks, stainless steel door locks, steel wood door locks, and child door locks. Open door locks, sealed door locks, composite door locks, smart door locks, fingerprint door locks, and glass door locks, etc. are used on various doors.


Use of the door lock:

This product is versatile and has different requirements for the use of large door locks for different occasions. Usually, ordinary households use anti-theft door locks, which are safe and cheap. In some high-end places, security agencies will use password locks, fingerprint locks, high security and high price; many public places use glass doors, so the use of glass door locks will be more extensive.



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