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Briefly introduce the matters needing attention in the maintenance of the gate lock
Dec 19, 2017

Different from the standard of commercial hardware, civil hardware fittings will be easy to have various problems after a long time. Especially the door lock, this kind of high-load parts, after a long service life, inevitably there will be a little failure. In most cases, door locks are damaged by improper use or maintenance.

Use the lubricant for door lock maintenance. Some users often like to drop some lubricating oil in the keyhole when the door lock doesn't work smoothly or  tightens, so that may immediately door lock body is smooth. But because the oil is easy to stick ash, lock hole will be easy to slowly accumulate dust, and form the oil loam, so the door lock is more prone to failure.

The correct solution is to cut some pencilmince or candle mince, blow them into the lock cylinder through a thin tube, and then insert the key to rotate several times repeatedly.

Door open is not smooth because of the gravity of the door leaf itself, or the door leaflet, leading to the door leaf sink, and opening the door will be not smooth. At this time, opening or locking the door with a key can be very difficult.

When there is above situation, can not forcibly twist the key, so as not to break the key, which will increase the trouble. When door open is not smooth, first check the reason. If the door leaf sinks due to loose hinges, fasten the loose hinges with screws.

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