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Briefly introduce the function and characteristic of door and window handle
Jan 10, 2018

Door and window handle is to refer to BiFold handle, this handle is used more is zinc alloy die casting, the appearance is maintained beautiful at the same time, assure the consistency of the door appearance as far as possible.The card position and the control handle rotate the Angle of the control handle to realize the return function.

During installation of BiFold handle, the length of the square shaft screw will be according to the selection of thickness profile of the fan, screw specification is M5X (fan material thickness + 20 mm), square shaft length is aluminum material thickness of 25 mm..

The seven style handle in the door and window handle: because the appearance resembles 7 , sometimes also is to be known as seven style handle.The seven style handle is a part of the door and window, widely used in aluminum alloy and plastic steel doors and Windows.The safety performance of the seven-word hand is relatively high.According to the ergonomic design, the human body's instinctive opening action can be used to provide more simple operation functions than ever before.

Doors and Windows linkage handle : the linkage handle is a new kind of new technology under the new door locks open series.By changing the position of the handle, the opening function of different kinds can be realized.When actually used and measured, we will find that it is convenient and simple in operation, and has the effect of resisting impact.

The Doors and Windows linkage handle according to the human body engineering design, cooperate the human body instinctive opening action, like other hold hands, also be able to provide unprecedented simple operation function.Simple operation linkage handle, which is to make the window outside very convenient to the indoor location,At this time, it is not only very convenient, but also very safe when we clean the exterior surface of the window.

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