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Aluminum doors and windows to achieve what color upgrade
Apr 24, 2018

First of all, when it comes to the upgrading of aluminum alloy doors and windows, it refers to the change of color. The main thing is that it will include champagne and colored wood grain spray into the consumer mainstream. When actually purchasing, pay attention to the aluminum alloy doors and windows. Appearance color, very romantic champagne color, and colorful wood spray painting have become the mainstream in the market. It is precisely because of this that doors and windows are better for fashion homeowners.


With regard to the interpretation of Romantic Champagne in the mainstream, we know from practical surveys that the doors and windows made of champagne-colored aluminum alloys are gradually becoming mainstream in the market. Romantic Champagne-colored aluminum profiles began to become popular this year. With the latest popular and well-established electrophoresis technology, each point, face, and hole can be evenly painted. The appearance is smooth and delicate, with a warm color and a luxurious temperament.


Aluminum wood doors and windows on the color wood surface color change: color wood paint aluminum alloy doors and windows is also popular fashion this year. For colorful and wood-patterned doors and windows with a variety of colors and styles, lining with elegant glass doors and chilly and dull faces will become very beautiful. And we are responsible for the introduction of the personnel responsible for this area, on the use of wood paint spray paint effect, hungry change in color, what color to what color.


The upgrading of the current doors and windows also includes a composite aluminum-wood structure. The doors and windows of the composite aluminum-wood structure are made of 'aluminum + wood'. One side is a smooth and delicate aluminum door frame, and the other is a noble and warm wooden door frame. Double-sided beauty. .


The upgraded doors and windows are double-spliced. The outside is made of aluminum alloy. The interior uses pure wooden doors. In the middle, it will increase the number of insulation boards. This time, it is able to resist the outside world. The air will also be able to prevent fire. The main thing is that it will be used in balconies or kitchen doors. It is most suitable for villas, high-end penthouses and star hotels.

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