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Aluminum alloy hinge adjustment and related installation methods
May 07, 2018

We often say that the details determine the success or failure. Many minor things in life are the key to carrying many big events. The same principle can also be used for home decoration. Aluminium alloy hinges are the necessary hardware for door and window installation. Don't look at it. If you don't turn it safely, you're in trouble. The following content is about how to adjust the aluminum alloy hinges, if you need a friend, please look down.


Aluminium alloy hinge adjustment installation method:


When installing the aluminum alloy hinges, watch the door or the direction in which the window is opened, and whether to open it to the left or right; after that, measure the size, use a measuring board or a special pencil to position, and then use an electric drill or open. The hole is punched on the door plate (the size of the drill bit of the electric drill needs to be selected according to the size of the hinge mounting hole), and the drilling depth is mainly determined based on the length of the fixing pin.


Place the hinge in the hinge hole on the entry panel and secure the hinge with a tapping screw. After the hinge is inserted into the cup hole of the door, the hinge is opened, then the side plate is inserted and aligned, and the base is fixed with a tapping screw; after that, it is necessary to pay attention to the effect of debugging the installation and to see if the hinge of the door or window is installed. Too tight or too loose or the gap is too wide, etc., the hinges can be adjusted to the state of good effect through hinges, left and right, up and down, and the hinge installation is completed.


Aluminum alloy door hinge adjustment installation notes:


Be sure to measure the hinge position, otherwise it will easily cause the door or window installation to collapse, and even the hinge can not be installed; after that, the depth of the hinge hole must not be too deep or too shallow, because it is too deep and easy It's too flexible and loose. If it's too shallow, it's hard to get in the screws and it's a little lighter.


Aluminum alloy door hinge adjustment installation, the size of the hole must not be too large, so easy to lead to the door too loose, affecting the opening of the doors and windows, thus affecting the service life, a little bit of it does not matter, but the relative difficulty of playing the screw. Of course, when the aluminum alloy door hinge is installed and screwed, it must not be deflected to avoid affecting the use of doors and windows.

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