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Aluminum alloy handle open the relevant knowledge
Feb 06, 2018

Aluminum flat handle in appearance more elegant. Next, in fact, we should also pay attention to the words of its fixed piece can not be installed in the horizontal frame or the vertical mullion connector above, then, to a large extent it is to avoid the expansion of the frame Resistance and deformation.


Next, the zinc alloy handle and aluminum flat handle to compare if it is sure to be different, in conclusion, in fact, it is to take a look at what exactly is to be used in what can be above. In terms of its main difference, the die-casting fee for zinc alloy handle is actually a bit cheaper to pay attention to, but if aluminum die-casting is to be carried out, the die-casting cost is actually one Pen is not a small fee.


However, in terms of their product prices, we actually have to pay attention to the aluminum flat handle is actually there will be a great advantage, and its handle of the same size is concerned, then the zinc alloy than Flat handle more than half the weight of aluminum alloy.


However, the zinc alloy handle and aluminum flat handle to compare, in fact, we actually have to pay attention to zinc alloy handle in terms of late fees, it is to a large extent the plating than will be Oxidation is much more expensive, so obviously, we actually have to pay attention to the use of aluminum, the actual budget will be cheaper. In this case, the difference between them in terms of cost will be better reflected.


Finally, the aluminum alloy flat handle used in the application of aluminum, its own fluidity and corrosion resistance is actually actually would look better, then to say, on the aluminum addition to apply in the aluminum handle , In actual use, we actually have to pay attention to it to a large extent, that is, can be applied to the die-casting instruments and their car parts shell above.

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