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Aluminum alloy doors and windows on the selection of pulleys to note
Feb 05, 2018

Aluminum alloy doors and windows on the main hardware that will include: pulleys, single-point lock, multi-point lock, and the transmission handle. The configuration and quality of sliding aluminum alloy doors and windows directly affect the anti-wind pressure performance of doors and windows and the related physical performance such as the airtightness performance, at the same time, the safety and related service life of doors and windows will be affected.


Aluminum doors and windows on the pulley because of the material and structural design is not the same, there is a different load-bearing level. Should be based on the size of the profile, structure and sash weight to choose. First of all, we actually have to pay attention to the wheels of the wheel surface materials include polycarbonate, nylon and metal (copper, aluminum, etc.).


Aluminum alloy doors and windows on the pulley bearings specifically include two types: bushings and ball-type. Sleeve-type system is very simple process, load-bearing is relatively large, but not too flexible on its slide. Ball-type used in the door above, sliding more flexible, although the noise is relatively small, but its bearing is relatively large. At the same time, the sliding wheel will be divided into single wheel and double wheel, with adjustable and non-adjustable points.


Adjustable pulley frame height by adjusting the frame to adjust the amount of frame overlap, two wheels can automatically adjust the balance, the force is also very uniform, and more used in the door and heavier window above. The quality of a single wheel load is better 35kg, the general is generally about 20kg. Two rounds of general bearing capacity in the 50-80kg, the better is to reach 100kg. About its actual load-bearing capacity, that is, it will be calculated according to two pulleys.


Selection of pulleys need to be based on the weight of doors and windows and aluminum installation space and the weight of its pulley to be determined. The calculation of the weight of the doors and windows of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the specific calculation is (glass weight + profile weight) x safety factor, if its axis thicker, its greater relative bearing capacity, double wheel will than A single wheel bearing weight is better.


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