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Aluminum alloy doors and windows have good sealing performance and beautiful appearance
Jul 19, 2018

Aluminum alloy doors and windows will have many advantages in the process of use. The weight of the products is light and durable. The doors and windows of aluminum alloys are about 50% lighter than steel doors and windows. To some extent, they are more resistant than corrosion of wooden doors and windows. Non-deteriorating, its oxidized colored layer does not fall off, does not fade, and is durable

The sealing performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows is good, and it is airtight when used, and its watertightness and sound insulation are better than that of wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows. The color of the whole product is smooth and beautiful, and the frame material of the aluminum alloy door and window is treated with ammonia coloring, which can be silver-white, bronze, dark red, etc., and can be colored with a pattern.

Inspection of the installation quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. View the window surface: the window frame should be clean, smooth, smooth, no scratches on the large surface, bruises, and the profile is not broken.

2. Look at the hardware: In the process of making the hardware, the hardware should be complete and the position is correct. It is firm and flexible in the process of installation, and can achieve its own function to a certain extent.

3. Look at the glass sealing strip: the contact between the sealing strip and the glass and glass notch should be flat, and it should not be curled or undulated.

4. Look at the sealing quality: when the door and window are half-closed, there is no obvious gap between the fan and the frame, and the sealing strip on the sealing surface should be in a compressed state.

5. Look at the glass: the glass should be flat and firmly installed. There should be no looseness. The single-layer glass should not directly touch the profile. The inner and outer surfaces of the double-layer glass should be clean. There should be no dust and moisture in the glass interlayer. The spacers cannot be lifted. .

6. Look at the bead: The bead of the aluminum alloy door and window with the sealing strip must be tightly attached to the glass. When using it, there should be no obvious gap between the bead and the joint of the profile. The joint gap should be less than or equal to 1 mm.

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