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A brief introduction to the operational principle of the linear resonance actuator
Nov 29, 2017

Linear resonance actuator(LRA), colloquially, refers to the vibrating motor that produces oscillating force on a single shaft. Unlike the DC eccentric rotary mass (ERM) motor, the linear resonance actuator relies on the AC voltage to drive the voice coil of the moving mass of the pressed and spring-connected blocks. If the voice coil is driven under the resonance frequency of the spring, the entire actuator will vibrate in a perceptible force.

Even if the frequency and amplitude of the linear resonance actuator can be adjusted by changing the AC input, the actuator must be driven at the resonance frequency, so that the large current and meaningful force will be produced.

When the vibration is generated and the pressure is pressed against the moving mass, the voice coil will remain static inside the device. By driving the magnet upward and downward, the linear resonance actuator will be displaced as a whole and generate vibration. In this way, its underlying mechanism will be more similar to the sound emitted by the speakers. In the speakers, the displacement of the air through the cone will occur by converting the AC frequency and amplitude into the vibration frequency and the amplitude.

Internally, the speakers complete this task by moving the magnet mass of a rapidly changing AC power. Unlike the speakers that can be driven at any frequency, the tactile application of the linear resonance actuator in a specific frequency range will appear useful.

Finally, in addition to transmitting the force generated by the voice coil directly to the skin, the linear resonance actuator also uses the resonance frequency of the spring to optimize the power consumption. If the voice coil pushes the mass of the magnet against the spring in the resonance frequency of the spring, then the linear resonance actuator can produce the vibration phenomenon of higher amplitude more effectively.

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