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A better quality door and window pulley can make the pulley play a better role
Apr 03, 2018

Door and window pulleys, for simple introduction, in fact, it is because it is an important part of sliding doors and windows can not be ignored, and for better quality pulleys, when used, can promote the use of sliding doors and windows.


When the door and window pulleys are designed and selected, it is important to note that the quality of the pulleys is determined by the quality of the outer wheels and the bearings of the pulleys. After investigation, we found that, in the case of its outer wheels, most of the time, it would be nylon fibers or It is a full copper texture, and the copper pulley is relatively strong, but sounds appear when pulling. The nylon fiber texture pulley has no sound when pulled, but it is not as wear resistant as the copper pulley. It is also for this reason that the matching pulley should be selected.


The high-quality pulleys we manufacture are generally stainless steel in bearings. The bearings are mounted very tightly. When sliding, the hand feels soft and there is no noise phenomenon. Even when actually used, our The designer will design the pulleys to be adjustable in height to make up for the distance between the door and the track so that the door is connected to the track more closely.


The work quality of the small pulley at the bottom of the door and the window is also very different. The small and highly-efficient pulleys produced by our factory are light and quick to pull. Some brands of pulleys are equipped with anti-jump devices and are safer to use. For the slide rails are mostly alloy texture, there are also some of the slide rails made of copper. The slide rail of the alloy texture is divided into ordinary type and thick type, depending on the texture of the applicable door or window.


In the decoration selection, if the customer's door or window is smaller and lighter, we would recommend using a smaller track. When the weight of the door or window is heavy, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection. The thickened track ensures that the door and window pulley is safe and durable, and at the same time it is to extend the service life of the doors and windows. A better quality door and window pulley can make the pulley play a better role.

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